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New Contingent! Monday, January 27, 2003
We have a new Extreme Games Contingent, Paragon. Good job and welcome aboard!

- ReWelcomer

EG Zetas... Thursday, January 23, 2003
I would like to congratulate G ! with getting number one rec in EG for the reset of January 1st, 2003.

1 G ! Zeta-Squadron 500-0

Good Job G ! Lets hope we are just as successful flagging in the future!

- ReWelcomer

Zeta & EG Thursday, November 14, 2002
Hey guys. As you all know some people and myself are trying to get Zeta going again in EG. Since this has become partially public many people have been enlisting and asking to join. If you are interested in the squad you can put in an application in the enlist section of the site. If any members know people they want in, don't hesitate to give your opinions. Several people are being looked at now.. several with good potential. We will get Zeta once again flourishing in EG.

Also, I've been playing a lot of elim lately. It has become a pretty popular thing in EG. You all should check it out and give it a try. You guys can probably catch me in their most of the time I'm online. Also I'de like to thank whoever fixed the bot in elim for finally making the rankings based on rating not wins considering most people over the age of 13 can't play 15 hours a day.

- Wizord

New forums Friday, October 11, 2002
I have updated the link to our new forums, all Zeta's please be sure to get in touch with me to get access to the private section.

- Platinum-Halo

We have lost one of our finest... Monday, February 25, 2002
It is my sad duty to inform the SubSpace community that Zeta-Squadron has lost one of its finest pilots. pun-INTENDED unexpectedly passed away last week and the world has truly lost one of its greatest souls.

Even though most of us only knew him via an online game, no one that knew him could possibly forget his strength of character and truly golden heart.

In tribute to this great man, Zeta-Squadron is making available a banner for public use which symbolizes to others our universal loss. You may download it here.

Rest in peace, Rodger, you will be sorely missed.

- Staene

Wave of new EG contingents! Saturday, February 16, 2002
I'd like to warmly welcome three new EG contingents to the ranks of our happy home! Probot, Sky Wizard, and Star Matrix are now the newest proud members of Zeta-Squadron. Welcome aboard, guys! STRENGTH AND HONOUR. Vir. et hon.

- Staene

AML Season to begin soon Friday, January 25, 2002
SVSL is set to begin Feb 9-10, so mark your calenders. Though we'll be participating in AML, our roster is currently still listed in Spring. To check rosters, goto http://premier.shanky.com and click on "Rosters" in the "Spring" header on the left hand side.

We have a total of 16 players on the roster right now, and with a max size of 25, this leaves us with 9 more open spots, so if I've forgotten to sign you up (or some such thing), lemme know.

BTW we have crazy laggy Aussies on our team, we can't lose.

- tritoch

HBK beats SWZ point record Thursday, January 24, 2002
Congratulations go to Heart Break Kid for reclaiming Zeta-Squadron's grip on the Star Warzone point record! HBK managed to win 278,157,962 points for the reset of January 17th, beating all previous individual player records and helping Zeta earn over 1 billion points in SWZ!

- Staene

New Contingents! Friday, January 18, 2002
I'd like to welcome a few new contingents to our ranks! The SWZ Contingency has expanded with the arrival of both Angel and Vegas, and the Extreme Games Contingency has grown stronger with the arrival of Meether.

Welcome aboard, guys -- Strength and Honour!

- Staene

Enlist Form Problem Saturday, January 5, 2002
This is addressed to everyone who has submitted an enlist application since the new website design went up:

If you have used the enlist form since our new site design was uploaded, your form was not received and I urge you to re-submit your information. Due to an error on my part the forms were going to the wrong address and NOBODY was receiving them. I apologize for this, and the error has been corrected.

- Staene

Website Monday, December 24, 2001
Nice job .... the website will do a good deal to our owange $$$ :)

- Method Man

New website Sunday, December 23, 2001
Hi all,

If you haven't noticed (then you have problems), we have a brand spankin' new web design thanks to the madness of Cuervo Muerte. This new design includes a feature for those picky navigators who like things their own way: just click the color boxes in the left menu and the website will morph according to your own tastes :)

If you have any problems with the new design, please let us know!


- Staene

SWZL Info Friday, December 21, 2001
Star Warzone is now accepting squad applications for squad matches. Also , we are accepting ref applications for reffing. You can sign up by going to http://www.subspacehq.com/swzl/. We need some eg squads... so fill out the application and show your spirit :^)

- Method Man

Spring/Aml - Rosters, etc Sunday, December 2, 2001
OK, in case any of u for whatever reason check the webpage but dont check the squad email, we've submitted a team for spring next season. Spring is the lowest of 4 tiers of Premier League, which involves SVS 4v4.

Be sure to check http://www.discopalace.com/cgi-bin/scoremaster/viewrosters.cgi?league=50 and make sure ur name is on the roster. if it isnt, email me

- tritoch

Playoffs Rd1 Result Tuesday, October 23, 2001
We beat Intelli this past weekend in the first round of the Iml postseason. Final score was 4-3.

Overall, a strong game, well played, with very few mistakes made on our side. Good job to all.

hydro: 3-2 (MVP)
zemnh: 2-1 (co-MVP)
tritoch: 0-1
HBK, sumirp, sancio, acode: 0-0

We will face .foo. in the semi-finals next weekend.

- tritoch

Iml stuff Thursday, October 4, 2001
sorry i havent posted recently. i sorta..erm...forgot.

Anyhoo, we played and beat Equilibrium 12-6 fairly solidly last week. nothin much to highlight, except we ended the match with a turret war hehe.

No Iml match this upcoming week, since the last remainign team in our seeded division dropped out or something. More news as it develops.

- tritoch

Zeta is Recruiting (EG) Thursday, October 4, 2001
Yes folks we are taking applications for EG. Fill out the enlist form and you may commence email bombing myself, Luck and Acode.

- Force

SSCX Star Warzone New Map Tuesday, September 25, 2001
SWZ has a new map folks. We brought back, by popular demand a more "classic" style SWZ flagging map complete with wicked bomblines and bigger more "open" bases. Our very own Flyingfortress is responsable for the map design. Cuervo Muerte's tileset, powergoals from Heart Break Kid and I did the brunt of the retiling. This map is going to make SWZ history come check it out.

- just a decoy

SWZFL Results Tuesday, September 25, 2001
Zeta SWZFL reps. defeated O R I O N in 4 mins 34 seconds for the fastest win record in SWZFL's short history. Some say it was luck others say we were just more prepared =). Mvp went to Wild69.

- just a decoy

Saturday, September 22, 2001
10 mill games have just passed on eg and 3 zetas and a rival managed to bring this jp home:
Team Victory!
Reward: 24835196 points(25 mill)
well done sirkirk, urquan(our newest recruit!), acode and gozaru. :)))

- acode

EG Website Monday, September 10, 2001
New EG website available ->Here<-. The site was designed by the ever so talented Cuervo Muerte, yayyyy go CM! =P

- OCoN !?

RaGE! Thursday, August 30, 2001
Congrats to rage on getting MOD...Do a good job and dont ever ban me, CONGRATS!

- OCoN !?

Zeta vs Risin Thursday, August 16, 2001
GG to all who played...Game lasted about 3 hours. in the end JP was 2.5mill....

Sweet rush at the end there guys..Good job risin rushing in and grabbing all our flags and winning the game, good tactic of base hopping ( how incredibly annoying, but strategic =P ) Hehe. All in all was an awesome game, GG Risin GG Zeta see ya in SWZFL =P Hehe.

- OCoN !?

Iml Weekend Results Monday, August 13, 2001
Iml Round 2 vs Complete: 12-5 Zeta wins.

Another strong win for us, as we cruised to an easy win over Complete this past weekend. Excellent result despite some sloppy play. This time, we didnt have a panic-lag-out-run-around-and-search-for-sub incident, so this match went much more smoothly than our last :)
tritoch: 5-2
HBK: 2-1
Zemnh: 2-1
sumirp: 2-1
1 tk by Complete.

We face .foo. this upcomin weekend.

- tritoch

SWZFL Preseason Round 1 Tuesday, August 7, 2001
Nice work from are SWZFL crew Vs. The Genocide this weekend. With a convincing win in our first preseason game. After claiming 6 out of 9 flags in an early base rush, we held our ground and never let go of the lead. Geno had no choice but to defend the entire game due to our agressive attack. Which was always threatening Geno's flagroom =) GG played by all.

- just a decoy

Iml Weekend Results Monday, August 6, 2001
Iml Round 1 vs Symphony: 7-3 Zeta wins.
We beat Symphony this past weekend in a very strong game. We pressured them throughout the entire 45 minutes, except for specific spans, ie: we sub like frickin retards hehe, ran around and was liek "Who's subbing who!?" , and also when we decided to try to play defensive cuz we had the lead. pfffft. Anyway, yeah, we win hehe.
tritoch: 3-0
Zemnh: 1-0
hydro: 1-2
sumirp: 0-1
HBK: 1-0
1 tk by symphony.

GG to all, a very strong match in which our core group of pilots continued to fly well together.

- tritoch

Gallery Saturday, August 4, 2001
I just added a new person to the gallery, actually it wasnt me, it was Staene, same thing though right? Heh =) Go check out Liguid-Snake by clickin on the link to the left "ZetaGallery" then clicking on "Liguid-Snake". BTW he is the one on the right.

- OCoN !?

Good Job All... Friday, August 3, 2001
Wow GG Guys! Placing #2 in reset is awesome! Anyways here are the top ten finishers...

zer0_Cool - (.Y.) - 674,4oo,ooo

pichu! - "Switch" - 352,1oo,ooo

Special KG - }{-Destroyers - 280,0oo,ooo

rizzah00 - }{-Destroyers - 255,4oo,ooo

Microsoft~User - AlmosBlooD - 248,8oo,ooo

e-BeatZ - Epoch - 217,5oo,ooo

oCoN !? - Zeta-Squadron - 205,4oo,ooo

SirKirk - Zeta-Squadron - 205,0oo,ooo

RaGe! - Zeta-Squadron - 184,8oo,ooo

harmless hazard - >Blood< - 178,5oo,ooo

BTW Kirk..I MURDERED you in the pts run, to easy Kirk! Good job RaGe! And Kirk on placing 8th and 9th on the stats...That's all =)

- OCoN !?

Sirkirk Wednesday, July 11, 2001
w00t..Welcome our newest recruit sirkirk to the squad! Welcome aboard kirkstah!

- OCoN !?

pun-INTENDED Monday, July 9, 2001
I would like to welcome pun-INTENDED to the zeta family! Great to have you aboard pun! Have fun =)

- OCoN !?

What's new on the EG front? Saturday, July 7, 2001
Hi everyone,

A few things of postworthi-ness have occurred over the past few days on the Extreme Games front of the squad, and I thought I'd be the one to mention them.. (why not?)

First of all, Zeta-Squadron placed in the Top 5 squads this reset. From what I understand, this is calculated in some ungodly cumbersome way, but I *do* know that it's based on points. :)

Secondly, oCoN !? (yes, of Zeta-Squadron) ranked #1 in total points this reset, SMASHING the competition with over 404,600,000 points! Congratulations man!

Zeta-Squadron also ranked #1 in another category in EG this reset, the best W:L ratio. Bird'O`Prey decided to come back and show everyone what he's made of by placing #1 with an awesome 171-0 W:L.

Finally, we have a new recruit (and I assure you, we'll have a couple more in the coming days..); everyone welcome ChaOs I [fLaG] to Zeta-Squadron! The man is an awesome flagger, and a wonderful guy, and will fight right into our little group. :)

Congratulations to all of the EG Zetas who worked so hard this reset to rank Zeta-Squadron as high as we got, it couldn't have been done without you.

- Staene

New Email Monday, June 18, 2001
Hey guys..I had to get a new email addy because my old one wouldnt let me send emails anymore...Dunno why..Anyways my new one is OCoN86@hotmail.com

BTW I will still have my old email but I wont check it that often.

- OCoN !?

AML Season Recap Wednesday, June 13, 2001
Well, it's been an exciting and supremely successful season for your AML crew. Our 2 losses in the AML Finals are the only losses we suffered. We saw some new talent spring up, while our regulars showed up day in and day night, working hard and consistently performing well. Lets give our AML boys a clap on the back for a fine job. This was a season of accomplishments. From HBK's first AML mvp, to Zeta's team effort in reaching further than it ever has, this season has seen many milestones set and many records broken. We have shown a league full of doubters, who thought that we should stay in our own little super zone, that we aren't a fluke, and that we are truly a force to be reckoned with, no matter which zone we play in. Congratulations to the Zeta AML team for an immense accomplishment, and who will next season will be moving up a step to Intermediate League.

- tritoch

AML Championship Result Wednesday, June 13, 2001
We took on .foo. this past weekend in a best of 3 series in the AML Finals.
.foo. would take 2 straight games, 12-6 and 12-4 respectively.
I played poorly (my apologies, I was on my friend's computer), but still, .foo. outplayed us overall, and despite a bot/ref screwup, I feel they did what was needed for a much deserved championship. Congratulations to .foo. on the victory.
Game 1:
spankrag: 3-3
Zemnh: 1-2
Heart Break Kid: 0-1
sumirp: 1-3
Orchasm_: 1-3

Game 2:
Zemnh: 1-3
sumirp: 0-2
spankrag: 1-3
Force: 0-1
Orchasm_: 2-2

Game 2 stats dont add up right, but the stats on Scoremaster are screwed up anyway cuz the bot messed the first 5 kills up.

- tritoch

New Recruits! Thursday, June 7, 2001
I would like to welcome jmc ( EG )- Deathstriker101 ( EG )- And zoo ( AML/PRO I think ) to Zeta-Squadron! Great job guys hope you enjoy :)

- OCoN !?

AML Playoff Results Monday, June 4, 2001
We took on E-5 in AML Semi-final action this past Sunday in a Best-of-3 series. The matches occurred at a furiously fast and intense tempo. They weren't ready for us in the 1st match, which we took handily 12-4, but they solidified and played an excellent 2nd match. It came down to the wire, but HBK played as a crucial clutch sub, coming in midway in the game and scoring 3 kills to vault us over E-5 12-8. We win the series 12-4 12-8 and will advance to the AML Finals this weekend versus .foo.

Game 1:
Orchasm_: 7-2 (MVP)
spankrag: 1-1
sumirp: 0-0
zemnh: 4-1

Game 2:
Heart Break Kid (subbed in): 3-0 (MVP)
Orchasm: 4-2
spankrag: 2-2
sumirp: 1-1
zemnh: 2-3

Congratulations to our AML boys, who for the first time ever advance to the AML Championships.

- Dark Chasm

Zeta is Recruiting Wednesday, May 30, 2001
Hiya folks,

A few important announcements:

Zeta is recruiting for EG! That's right, we are looking for the following individuals:

- those of high moral fibre
- those of unparalleled skill
- those of regular hours
- those of alcoholic nature

Intakes will be tiered and will take place over the next few weeks. Good luck to all applicants!

Secondly, i have formally changed my name from CH (Captain Harloch) to Force. You'll notice that ?squadowner Zeta-Squadron will give you "Force" as a result and this will be the only name you will see me in SS with, so use :Force: to contact me if you're interested in joining from now on.

Thirdly, this weekend Zeta enters the semi finals of Amateur league (four squads incl. us remain). Good luck to XO Chasm and his boys vs E-5 312337.

- Force

AML Playoff Results Sunday, May 27, 2001
Whelp, it was Round 2 of the AML Playoffs, pitting us against Red Hawks. The game progressed at a lethargic pace, but we grabbed the lead and preserved it to the final minutes of play. GG to all.
Final score: 8-3 Zeta
Orchasm_: 7-1 (MVP)
spankrag: 0-1
sumirp: 1-2
zemnh: 0-0

- Dark Chasm

AML Playoff Results Friday, May 25, 2001
Your AML representatives took on Blasphemy this past weekend. Blas had recently become active again, and rallied from a virtually hopeless season to nab the 8th playoff spot to face us in the first round. They played very well, to their credit, and this match was nothing like the huge blowout victory we had over them in the regular season. They took us to a full hour, with the final score being 10-5 for Zeta.
Force:2-0 (MVP (har har goober))
Heart Break Kid: 1-0
Orchasm_: 2-1
spankrag: 1-2
sumirp: 1-1

We face Red Hawks this weekend in round 2

- Dark Chasm

AML Results Monday, May 7, 2001
Sorry for the lack of update last week..i sorta forgot...Anyhoo, last week we beat Carpe Jugulum in an excellent, close, exciting match, 12-7.
zemnh: 4-2 (MVP)
Orchasm_: 3-2
spankrag: 3-3
sumirp: 2-0
HBK: 0-0
rickeyboy2: 0-0

This week, we took on Appreciation. they appeared to try til we got the 1st 2 kills, then they proceeded to light themselves on fire.. We won 12-1 in 17 minutes. i thought this would be our toughest match..i didnt even get a chance to use subs.
Orchasm_: 7-0
Zemnh: 3-0
spankrag: 2-0
hbk: 0-1 (AXED!! ^_^)

this means we end the season 7-0 +61(k/d). What an exciting and successful season this has been; Zeta's (and my) best season in AML ever. We are seeded 1st, and will face EpiK or Blasphemy in the 1st round.

- Dark Chasm

CONTINUUM IS HERE Friday, April 27, 2001
Well unless you have dropped off the face of the planet and didnt know, the new ss client was released today for public open beta. Go to www.sscouncil.net/continuum.shtml to download the files u need.

It was worth the wait.

- Rogue1

AML Results Sunday, April 22, 2001
Regular Season Round 3 vs )(Master)(: 12-0 Zeta

Wow. We simply took them apart. I managed to let my teammates attack lone nme, then stealth and shoot 1 emp to vulch all the kills. BWAHAHAHAHHAHA.

Orchasm_: 9-0
Heart Break Kid: 0-0
sumirp: 1-0

- Dark Chasm

AML RESULTS Monday, April 9, 2001

Anyway, BUNNER let us escape easily this weekend, choosing to give us a chance by letting Thanatos start. He was subbed off after about 5 minutes (or so chiefjoi says), but not even the almighty BUNNER could recover from that devastation! We conquered BUNNER 12-0.
sumirp: 3-0
Rickeyboy2: 2-0
Heart Break Kid: 1-0

GG all. We've got a break this comin weekend for Easter, but I'm scheduling a practice match against BoP anyway. It won't be mandatory, but it'd be nice if you guys showed.

Our next regular season match will take place 2 weeks from now, vs )(Master)(.

- Dark Chasm

New Email >=) Saturday, April 7, 2001
Blah, I forgot my password to SSNET news posting thingi, so I have to post it here. Since my SubMail ( @subspace.net ) account has been down for about 3 weeks, I decided to change my email addy. My new email addy is OCoN@ds98.net

Feel free to send me as much hate mail, love letters, or if you need help drop me a line :P

That's all I got to say, later :)

- OCoN

AML Weekend Results Sunday, April 1, 2001
Regular Season Round 3 vs Unforeseen: 12-5 Unforeseen.

Our first loss of the season came at the hands of Unforeseen. Though we have the potential to beat this team, I died out early, leaving the rest of the squad in a 4v3 situation. My sincere apologies on the choke :(

Rec wise, we are in a 3-way tie for second in our division at 2-1 (i'm too lazy to look up differential). Appreciation sits alone at 3-0 on top of our division.

Orchasm_: 1-3
Heart Break Kid: 0-1
Zemnh: 2-3
spankrag: 1-3
Sumirp: 1-2

- Dark Chasm

AML Weekend Results Sunday, March 25, 2001
Regular Season Round 2 vs Blasphemy: 12-1 Zeta-Squadron.

Good job again, guys. The victory was never in doubt. We got a bit sloppy sometimes and relinquished the initiative, letting them pressure us sometimes, but overall it was a fairly well played match that got some of our other guys involved. Blasphemy gave the MVP to ej omg.

Evil^Jedi: 5-0 (co-MVP)
SPANKRAG: 5-0 (co-MVP)
Rogue1: 0-0
Heart Break Kid: 2-1

- Dark Chasm

$ Monday, March 19, 2001
Hey folks,

A good weekend of league matches took place, with some favourable results.

Congrats to our AML team (hbk/chas/junks/sum) who defeated Epik 12-2 in long but convincing victory. This is the first round of regular play, and a good start to the season. This season the almighty spankrag has returned to our ranks, we look forward to his first eligible start this coming weekend, welcome back bitchtit.

We defeated Jackasses today in the last round for SWZL regular season. The victory leaves us in outright first place going into playoffs. This is only a curse considering this has happened the two seasons beforehand and we all know how THEY worked out! :)

This means we have a 2 week break until second round playoffs.

I'd like to congratulate RisinBlooD who performed well in the semis to knock us out of EGL and to go on to defeat ORION in the final, well done guys.

An update on rosters: I'd like to bid farewell Bomberboy, USS Enterprise and Coolred from our esteemed ranks who have all chosen to take separate paths in Subspace. It's been a wild ride having you guys aboard, best of luck in your future proceedings guys, you'll be missed.

- Captain Harloch

AML Weekend Results Sunday, March 18, 2001
Regular Season Round 1 vs EpiK: 12-2 Zeta-Squadron.

We whipped pretty good, nuff said :) Oh also, junks played, first time I saw him in SVS (!!!), and he stole my last kill!!! dammit!

Orchasm_: 6-1
Heart Break Kid: 2-0
Sumirp: 3-1
The Junky: 1-0

- Dark Chasm

AML Season Starts This Weekend Wednesday, March 14, 2001
Hey guys, I'll keep this short. AML season starts this weekend with Round 1 vs EpiK, an always strong, always consistent playoff contender. Lets take this one. Lets all show up and impress the zone with our 25 man roster (+ the other 9999 Zetas). bwahahahhahaha

- Dark Chasm

AML: Pre-season Round 2 Sunday, February 25, 2001
In the 2nd round of AML Pre-season action today, your Zeta representatives beat Xevious 10-5. We couldnt get to 12 cuz the last 2 guys turretted and ran for the last 5 or so minutes :( no matter tho!! gg to HBK and Evaugh, who played very good wingmen. And good job to ricks, who didnt have to fly, as he was a lamer turreter. BWA. I'll get the scores and individual recs as soon as possible.

- Dark Chasm

Mullets return Thursday, February 15, 2001
Heya fellas!

Well here's the catch up post i've been meaning to write all week. Here it is!

Last weekend we were defeated by StarfleetK in SWZL 12-6, i've heard SFK played very well and deserved their victory. Unfortunately due to sickness i wasn't able to attend, nor was Cold Steel, so Wizord and FlyingFortress mustered our troops and sent Shez, Wiz, Krispies and FF into battle. It just goes to show everyone has their bad days :) Next match is this weekend vs Danger, the squad that will replace Veterans. This will be a good opportunity for our less experienced members to get some good gametime, i'm looking forward to it.

EGL normal season has abruptly ended, our last match over the weekend vs Genocide resulted in a 40-15 win. We finish the normal season undefeated and have consequently moved into the playoffs. More on that later.

AML preseason bouts begin this weekend. Keep checking mail for Chas' updates on gametimes, should be good practice.

The SWZ flagging front has been supreme with very high points tallies, we're out in front by a good lead if i remember correctly. Generally the SWZ boys in green have been doing some serious asskicking under Tailchaser's command, keep up the great work guys :)

The EG flagging front has also been picking up lately, the teamwork is improving and we're well on our way to getting those cobwebs cleaned out! I'd like to echo the warm welcome the squad has given to our newest members: acode, an absolute animal for teamwork and filling positions that need to be filled, rock solid in defense and a skilled chaser; Aznblood, the most ferocious offensive attacker i've seen in years, intelligent and calculating; Heart Break Kid, who, given half an inch, can clear out an entire SWZ freq from a base in his custom terrier. You are all very welcome guys, i know you'll all become fine Zetas!

PS: You may now return to looking at Termy's Mullet.

- Captain Harloch

We're Off To The Playoff's Tuesday, February 13, 2001
Well guys, after a successful regular season in EGL, Zeta-Squadron is off to the PLAYOFFS!! To all those that have competed so far, well done on an undefeated regular season. To those that are playing in the playoff's, Good Luck and bring it home.....

- Rogue1

Welcome AznBlooD and acode! Sunday, February 11, 2001
Welcome AznBlooD and acode to the ranks of Zeta-Squadron as the latest additions to our squad, as contingents of Extreme Games.

- Staene

Oh Dear Lord! Sunday, February 11, 2001
Staene is on the ZetaGallery! Go check it out ;p

- OCoN

.....And Continues ;) Saturday, January 27, 2001
We did very well in our match against F-IniT, winning 11-1! Congradulations to Cold Steel, 4-0 MVP, goodjob guys! Also, I would like to congradulate staene, he practiced ALL DAY, literally, and got to start in tonights game, he went 0-1, but he did a swell job helping the team get kills, and sacrificing his body to lvl3 bombs, lol. Good game again! Night.

- OCoN

The Streak Continues.... Monday, January 22, 2001
Well guys, things are going good, after this weekends EGL and SWZL matches, we are still UNDEFEATED. After a fairly jumpy start against X-Squad in EGL, we managed to grind out a victory (not sure of exact score). We met Jedi Force in SWZL and knocked them out of the park with a convincing win. Well done to all that participated in League games this weekend, and to the guys that turned out to watch the game, its great to see all those Z's cheering us on.

- Rogue1

ZetaGallery! Thursday, January 18, 2001
Hey guys, check out the zeta gallery! New pics added, including 2 of myself, they're a bit old, but that's why I put them there. Keep checking the ZetaGallery, I'm sure more pics are coming ! :)

- OCoN

AML Season Round-up Thursday, January 18, 2001
We finished the season this past Sunday with a 12-6 loss to Damn Yankees. We had the lead for the first lil bit, but then we all began dying, and stuff :) It was overall a fun, fast paced game with lots of silly deaths and kills all around. This ends our semi-first semi-second stab at AML, our Regular season being 4-2, our post season rec being 3-2.
Stats were as follows:
Zemnh: 2-3
Dark Chasm: 4-3
Captain Harloch: 0-3
Evaugh: 0-3

We had a wonderful season that surpassed all my expectations, even landing us into the play-offs. What i saw impressed me quite a bit, and we were one of the few teams to have a levi, which is kinda cool..or something...BWA. Next season i KNOW we're gonna be totally awesome beyond description.

- Dark Chasm

ZETA OWNS AGAIN!!! Sunday, January 14, 2001
Hey guys, just a quick update on EGL. Today we beat RevelationX (not sure of the exact score), which places us in outright 1st postion in our pool. GG to all who played and well done to those that turned out for the match.

- Rogue1

Good Luck! Saturday, January 13, 2001
Just here wishing Zeta, and all the other squads out there this weekend during League! Zetas check the EGroups Files section I added the banenrs you requestion ( Flying Fortress :P ). See ya around!

- OCoN

AML and SMG Excitement Saturday, January 13, 2001
Here's me in my latest photoshoot!

Catch more of some Sarah Michelle Gellar action @ the Zeta VS DAMN_Yankees match this Sunday @ 5PM EST! Autographs will be taking place after the match, so make you show up if you are a true Buffy fan!

- Sarah Michelle Gellar

Check this out! Monday, January 8, 2001
I've added my pic to staene's zeta gallery! ! So if ya haven't seen it yet, GO NOW!!! !! BTW IT'S A BOY!!! !!!

- Captain Cohn

The voyeuristic Zetas! (Part II) Thursday, January 4, 2001
I just thought I'd let you know that your voyeuristic Zetas made the latest issue of Possum!'s ZONER (The only SubSpace Comic) - Check us out, we're at the very top ;)

- Staene

Mullet p0wa Friday, December 29, 2000

Would you accept candy from this man?

The above is a pic of our #1 mullet bruva, Terminated_v.666. If you'd like to see what the rest of the Zetas look like, click on the "Zeta Gallery" link to the left. Thanks to Staene for setting it up!

This weekend we have a bye for EGL, SWZL and AML for New Years. Hope everyone has a happy new years' party. Crazy coincidence, but it looks like Rogue1, Cohn and myself will all be attending the same New Years bash!

Zeta takes over new year!

- Captain Harloch

The voyeuristic Zetas! Wednesday, December 20, 2000
These are screenshots of some of your local Zeta members having fun flashing the rest of the players in SSCX Extreme Games... I'd say we need to hook these two up on a date.. bwahah

If you're wondering if it's possible for your Zeta friends to display their affection for one another in a somewhat normal fashion, I'm here to tell you yes, it is..

- Staene

AML Pre-playoffs Round 2 Sunday, December 17, 2000
In a heart stopping series, Zeta Defeats No Data 2-1 in games.
For a FULL synopsis of the series, check your emails!! Too much to write in.
Game 1: 12-6 Zeta
Dark Chasm: 3-2
DarkSpirit: 1-0
Evaugh: 3-1
Rickeyboy2: 2-1
Zemnh: 3-2

Game 2: 10-5 No Data
Dark Chasm: 1-3
DarkSpirit: 0-0
Evaugh: 1-3
Rickeyboy2: 1-1
Zemnh: 2-3

Game 3: 10-9 Zeta
Dark Chasm: 7-2
DarkSpirit: 2-3
Evaugh: 1-3
Rickeyboy2: 0-1
Zemnh: 0-0 (lagout)

- Dark Chasm

League Results/ Future Thursday, December 14, 2000
Hiya folks, congrats to our EGL team who defeated our good buddies the Anarchists over the weekend, 40-21 MVP Lovechi err.. Stormchild. The game was well fought by both sides, congrats to both sides on an exemplary match in terms of sportsmanship.

This weekend in EGL we have drawn a bye. The week following that, we are scheduled to play AlphaWing which i've found out today has dropped out and will be replaced by Acid Reign. More details in email.

Star Warzone League will be starting this weekend, preseason round 1. We will be playing The Genocide lead by the infamous DangerfielD. Times are yet to be decided on, be sure you'll hear about them the moment i have them.

Finally, we have our do-or-die preplayoff bout vs No Data in Am league. Should we lose this game, our AML season will come to a glorious end. Chas and i have exceeded our expectation for this season by quite a ways, next season will be even better :) However, should we win this game, Zeta will be taken to the Amateur league playoffs amongst the best in AML! Good luck to Chas and his boys, may the emerald green serve you true.

- Captain Harloch

League Statistics Monday, December 11, 2000
Hey guys, the league stats page has been updated - and a new category has been added for Extreme Games League. The EGL link is currently not working, however, Zeta-Squadron is undefeated (2-0) having faced both AltTABS and Anarchists.

Once I get a complete tally of the Zeta vs AltTABS match, the EGL league stats page will be updated.

- Staene

AML Pre-Playoffs: Result Sunday, December 10, 2000
We took on Warlords today in Pre-Playoff action, with Zeta triumphing over Warlords 12-4 in a Zeta dominated matchup.

Zemnh started off very strong in what would lead to a 5-1 MVP performance, and Warlords just could not stop our momentum.
Other highlights include the fact that DarkSpirit started in the place of Evaugh (who could not show up until later in the match) and performed very admirably, stepping up as if he was born to be a starter. He went 1-2, but one of his deaths came from Cash On Delivery$$, who apparently took NO damage from DarkSpirit (some weird lag bug, i'd assume).
Evaugh DID sub in near the end of the game, snatching the final kill and preventing me from stealing Zemnh's MVP :(
BTW, in case you guys didnt know, this is actually our largest win result on the season, all 4 of our regular season wins somehow managed to be 12-6 (ALL 4 of'm, lol)
We will be facing the 11th seed of the Zeus conference the weekend of Jan. 6-7, which means we get quite a chunk of time off. Have fun, all :)

Stats: Zeta Squadron wins 12-4
Zemnh 5-1
Dark Chasm 4-1
Evaugh 1-0
Rickeyboy2 1-0
DarkSpirit 1-2

- Dark Chasm

Zeta over AltTabs Tuesday, December 5, 2000
Sunday saw us take on AltTABS in our first round matchup in EG League. The game was slightly skewed considering our brave opponents had no league experience at all but put up a very admirable 13-kill fight. I've passed on my thoughts to Dickie, captain of AltTABS and have wished him luck for the rest of the season.

The game finished with a 50-13 victory to us, with Stormchild (11-0) taking out MVP. Those who participated were Crazy Skills, myself, Bomberboy, XxAlphaQxX, Stormchild, Cold Steel and Wizord.

Next week we take on our old buddies the Anarchists and looks to be a good game.

- Captain Harloch

AML Playoff Seeding Monday, December 4, 2000
After a 12-8 loss to .foo. (more info on that when i receive the stats) over the weekend, we are seeded 6th in Herc Pre-playoff action, and will be facing Warlords. After that, we will face the 11th seed of Zeus Conference, whoever that may be. I'll know in 2 weeks.
UPDATE: I have here the stats of the .foo. vs Zeta game:
Score: 12-8 .foo.
Dark Chasm 4-3
Evaugh 2-3
Zemnh 1-3
Rickeyboy2 1-3

- Dark Chasm

League Statistics Monday, November 20, 2000
Well guys, the league statistics page has been updated with the AML match against Brotherhood (which we won, 12-6) - and is now completely up-to-date. Our current AML record is 4-1, our only loss being to Skyrakers on November 12th.

- Staene

AML Match Scheduled! Friday, November 17, 2000
Hi folks,

The next Zeta AML match will be held on: Sunday, November 19th, 3:00PM EST vs. Brotherhood. You're all invited to watch, and it should be a great game!

- Staene

EGL Signups Sunday, November 12, 2000
Hiya folks, EG League is just about to begin. There is a limit to 30 people to a roster, and will NOT be entering a second contingent into EGL, only the one.

This will mean that Zeta will be competing in three leagues simultaneously which will be a first. Kudos to the EG Staff for their swift organisation of EGL, it looks to be really exciting.

Star Warzone league is due to start very shortly, definitely within the next three weeks. Our very own Evil^Jedi has been put to work to make a brand new SWZ / SWZL site and the result is VERY impressive. Once the site is up, it means we can take squad entries and we'll find out who the competition will be this season.

Congrats to our AML side who defeated The Orgy 12-6 (Evaugh 4-1 MVP). You can check out the stats for each league match here. Thanks to Staene for his continuing work here as Zeta webmaster.

Finally folks, don't leave until you've seen this site and downloaded his "track".

Let's hear it for monobrows.

- Captain Harloch

AML: Result Sunday, October 29, 2000
Our match on Sunday went smoothly, though the start was once again slow. I can't seem to ever get going with the first ship that I'm in, and i died pretty quickly.
Early in the contest, it was a race between Zem and I as to who would get the first death. Alas I lost the race, but I wasn't very far behind. With that in mind, we were down 0-2 as we began to pick it up, exchanging kills. After a kill from Ricks, Zem sparked the Zeta comeback with 3 kills, including an eliminator on spearhead!. After that, I kinda took the last few kills and stole the MVP.
Important to note: Zem almost got the MVP, and I TK'ed him :)
Also, it is believed more Zetas showed up for this match than the SWZL finals. This could be interpreted as both good or bad, of course :)

Zeta-Squadron vs -Final-
Result: 12-6 Zeta

Dark Chasm: 5-2 (+ 1 tk). MVP
Evaugh: 1-1
Rickeyboy2: 2-1
Zemnh 4-2

With this win, Zeta-Squadron improves to 2-0, with a 24-12 +/-.

- Dark Chasm

League Statistics Wednesday, October 25, 2000
Want to know how Zeta-Squadron is currently doing in all of the leagues that we are participating in? Well, now you can easily find out! Just click on the "League Stats" link in the left menu.

The only league we are ACTIVELY participating in right now is Amateur League (AML), however, once EGL and SWZL start, you can expect our stats and scores to be tracked on that page, so stay tuned!

- Staene

New Zeta Leadership Appointments Monday, October 23, 2000
Hiya folks, effective immediately, i've decided to promote two Zetas who will be helping me shoulder the burden of leadership. Congratulations to:

Squad Officer Tailchaser - who will be responsible for all Zeta operations within Star Warzone from now on.

Squad Officer Dark Chasm - who will be responsible for all Zeta operations within Amateur League.

These two Zetas have loyally stood by my side for god knows how long and both have demonstrated their ability to lead like noone else. I will, of course, be remaining in exactly the same position i've always occupied - at Zeta's head, but these two new positions will allow us to regain our flagging presence in SWZ particularly, as well as relieving me of organising duties within AML.

Congrats fellas! Don't forget to pass on YOUR congratulations too on our message board. Good hunting in the meanwhile folks.

Note: All Zetas check your inboxes on this topic, i've explained this situation in more detail there.

- Captain Harloch

AML Match Scheduled! Saturday, October 21, 2000
I just thought I would take it upon myself to inform everyone that the Zeta-Squadron vs. Red Hawks match is tomorrow in SSCE AM League (Exodus)!

The confirmed time is: Sunday, October 22nd, 2:00pm EST and you're all welcome to come and watch. Like CH said, don't expect anything more than a fun game from us, the first time around :)

- Staene

ApplicationZ Tuesday, October 17, 2000
Heya'll, the last week's been a fun one, keep up the good work :)

This weekend we'll be having our very first AML match for this season vs our good buds, Red Hawks. Should be a fun match. We're not expecting much from our first appearance but you can guarantee it'll be worth a watch.

EG League is coming along very shortly, i've signed us up formally with SSExprt so we shouldn't have any worries about not being included.

Finally i'd like to congratulate Cold Steel for this month's best false Zeta application, you r0k mate :)

- Captain Harloch

Hi People! = ) Wednesday, October 11, 2000
well i just though this page needed
a little update...cause someone was complaining
it needed one hrmm *eura* lol
well if ur bored.. and u want to listen to
radio stations from all over the world go to

hope u enjoy it... bye

- U.S.S Enterprise

Joke of the Day Monday, October 9, 2000
Yeah i know this isnt zeta news but its majorly funny :)

Microsoft has announced their new OS - MSLINUX
Based entirely off the linux kernal and OS this operating system features Graphical User Interface command-Line Technology (GUILT), and boosts increased application performance over the current Windows products. There is also an estimated 28% more swap space on your hard drive. This version of Linux will also include a Start! button.. whoopie?

get your copy at http://www.mslinux.org/

PS: that link better work =P

- MooMaster

Calling all cheerleaders Friday, October 6, 2000
Hiya folks, welcome to the new Zeta page! I have some big thankyous to deliver:
  • Cuervo - a man whose masterful coding caresses the eyes like the ladies say he caresses them.
  • Staene - For taking this page from its skeleton, adding all functionality and making it as sexual as what it looks now.
  • Cohn - for doing sweet f*ck all, as always.
Thankyou so much for getting this page finally updated, it's been so long and there's been so much to talk about.

So what is Zeta doing currently? We're planning on having our second season of AML very shortly, pending our addition to the league (based on dropouts, we're first on the waiting list). Are you a non-Zeta who has ample experience in SVS? Feel free to drop me a line (UIN:9596326) as we're looking for exactly you. Note: "ample" league experience doesn't mean you drop by Dueling AZ every once in a while, it means that you've played league before and know what goes on.

Note to the boys: Should you find yourself NOT on the roster, please contact me and i'll make sure you're on. Feel free to make use of the message board i whacked up a few weeks ago, it's neat, easy to manage and it has a post by ma snatch-catcher EURA - that's reason enough to check it out no?

Let me leave the world with this thought, care of Captain "i swim for noone" Cohn:

And amen to that...

- Captain Harloch

Its up its up.. WHOOOPIE! Thursday, October 5, 2000
To sum this up in 4 words: "Its about damn time" :)

I'm so happy we have our new page up!
I just wanna say that Cuervo has done another great job on the page graphics - does the top title banner now own? the really fancy big Z

I also wanna thank Staene for organizing the stuff and putting the page up. He worked so diligently in the small amount of time he was given and finished just about everything.

Well, im going to bed where i will not sleep at all anyhow because ill be up all night thinking about tomorrow and my future (i hope i hope i hope) gf. Could have another Zeta cheerleader :) lol

Wish me luck

- MooMaster

A new page, whoo! Thursday, October 5, 2000
Heya all,

Boy am I glad to see our new design finally up and running. I have longed for this day, and yet had no time (read: was too lazy) to make it myself.

But I must say, I couldn't have done it better. In fact, I doubt I could even have done it as good as this one. Thanks to Cuervo Muerte and Staene for this. I owe you man, whole Zeta does. Now I'm even more proud to be a member.

- Evaugh

Welcome to the new Zeta page! Thursday, October 5, 2000
Well guys, after many months of waiting, Zeta-Squadron finally has a new website design, and I must say.. props go to Cuervo Muerte for his wonderful design :) In the words of CH, it's "pure filth."

Since CM has been extremely busy with miscellaneous life doings lately, he sent me a JPG copy of his design, and I basically chopped it into multiple images, laid it into tables, and turned it into what you're seeing now...

Now that we have a new website, I guess everyone will finally get off of our back? :) (Evaugh, perhaps? :))

PS - The roster has been updated with the new recruits, and some people have been upgraded to a higher Tour of Duty. Also, on a positive note, some of the inactive Zetas have been moved from the "Past/Inactive" category to their respective Tour of Duty.

PPS - The Message Forum link to the left points to our new forum, the old one is no longer in use.

- Staene

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