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Enlist in Zeta-Squadron
Welcome to the Zeta-Squadron enlist form. We are happy to know that you are taking your first step in joining Zeta-Squadron. This form serves as a window enabling us to better see into you as a person and as a SubSpace player in general.

Please be sure that you have not already submitted this form. Also, be sure to fill in all fields which are marked as required (*).

Zeta-Squadron urges all applicants to view this form as one would a job application in the sense that once you submit it your chances of acceptance are not 100%. Please do not feel that you are guaranteed a spot on the squad simply because you submit this form -- however, many of our recruits have also been form applicants.

That's all for now -- may the force be with you!

Personal/Background Information

SubSpace Name(s):




ICQ Number:

Squad Information/History

Are you currently on a squad? If so, please name it:

Please list any and all of your past SubSpace squads below:

What is the longest you have ever been on a squad?

Zone Information

In which zone(s) do you currently play? (*)

    SSCX Extreme Games
    SSCX Star Warzone
    SSCE Premier (Intermediate/Pro)

If other, please specify:

Please list any leagues in which you have played:


Why do you want to join Zeta-Squadron? Please be as serious and as tactful as you can: (*)

Any other comments?

New Contingent! - Monday, January 27, 2003
EG Zetas... - Thursday, January 23, 2003